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            Former Faculty and Staff
            It is impossible to feature every Berry faculty or staff member
            that had an impact on our lives, but this page will feature a few
            of the more notable individuals and characters that made Berry
            a special place for many, many students.
            Fred Loveday
            Fred Loveday served as the Headmaster at
            Mount Berry School for Boys and Berry Academy
            for 20 years. A 1939 graduate of Berry College,
            he became Headmaster in 1947 and left the
            Academy in 1966 to become Headmaster of The
            Lovett School in Atlanta. During his tenure, Berry
            had some of its highest enrollments ever. His
            impact on thousands of Berry students is a legacy
            that will live for decades to come.
            Dr. and Mrs. John R. Bertrand
            Dr. Bertrand served as President of The
            Berry Schools from 1956 through 1979
            and holds the distinction of being the
            longest serving President in Berry's
            history. Among his many achievements
            was the attainment of Berry's full
            accreditation from the Southern
            Association of Colleges and Secondary
            Schools in 1957. Dr. Bertrand had an
            unwavering support for Berry Academy
            and his leadership vaulted Berry to a
            new level of prominence that the college
            continues to build on. Dr. Bertrand
            passed away in March of 2002. Mrs.
            Bertrand died in November of 2007.
            Gary McKnight
            A 1961 graduate of Berry College,
            Coach Gary McKnight established
            himself quickly as a premier track
            coach, winning five state
            championships in Cross Country and
            Track at Berry Academy. His
            adherance to strict discipline in
            athletics infuenced the lives of
            hundreds of students who took that
            discipline with them into adulthood.
            Coach McKnight currently resides in
            Sevierville, TN..
            Torris and Bernice Geraldson
            The entire Geraldson family became symbolic of Berry Academy for a span of
            over twenty five years. Not only was Mr. Geraldson on the faculty and Mrs.
            Geraldson on the staff in the Dean's office, but there was also the five
            Geraldson children that were raised on the campus: David, Evelyn, Stanley,
            Daniel and Ginny. Mrs. Geraldson passed away in 1989 and Mr. Geraldson
            passed away in February of 2006.
            Mrs. Mary Todd Harrison
            Mrs. Harrison taught English in the public
            school system in her early teaching career
            and then spent 10 years teaching at the
            Thornwood School in Rome before ending
            her teaching career with 10 years at Berry
            Academy. In the classroom she was a
            no-nonsense, passionate teacher of
            literature and composition and outside the
            classroom a warm and caring individual. She
            was the quintessential English teacher who
            imparted skill and knowledge to all who
            survived the rigors of her class. Mrs.
            Harrison passed away in August of 2003.
            Mabel Thompson
            Miss Mabel, as she was affectionately
            known, was only at the Academy nine
            years, 1962 through 1971, but during
            that time she became one of the most
            popular faculty members. Certainly she
            was a mathematical wiz, but more than
            that, she was a character that no one
            would ever forget! I pray that God gives
            me the same zest for life that Miss
            Mabel had. She was somethin' else!
            Miss Thompson passed away in 1989.
            Former Dean of Students Franklin Hyers (49H, 53C)
            and former Headmaster Frank Campbell (49C)
            Four Popular Berry Coaches
            Coach Jerry Shelton (far left) was honored on March 24, 2007 by former
            high school and Academy students with a dinner in his honor in Hill Dining
            Hall. Well over 100 former students and faculty attended the event. Among
            those attending the gala were former Berry coaches Bill Thornton, Billy
            Green and Gary McKnight. Coach Shelton was also inducted into the
            Rome-Floyd County Sports Hall of Fame on March 4, 2008.