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            Memories from Mt. Berry
            What Do You Remember About Berry?
            Here are some things that I remember about my years at Berry, especially my senior year
            of 1968-69. Do these things stir any memories for you?

              Saturday night sack suppers

            Our first varsity basketball win in two years (We beat Pace Academy in Atlanta 62-49)

            And while on the subject of basketball, I remember playing a game at Gilmer County (Ellijay, GA)
            in January of 1967 and finding out after the game that our bus tires had been slashed.

            Sunday morning pancakes in the dining hall

            Wandering up and down Broad Street on Saturday night

            Hounds & Hares

            The entire senior class on restriction

            Being attacked by the swans in Swan Lake

            Haircuts at the Greystone Barber Shop

            5 demerits from Mr. Raulerson for suggesting to him that he needed a haircut
            The various odors (depending on the wind direction): the Rome
            paper mill, the hog farm, the dairy farm and freshly mown grass

            Working on the campus crew for Pop Cordle (What a great guy!)  

            And then there was Fred & Joe and Chief Moore. (Did anyone
            ever see Fred without Joe or Joe without Fred?)

            The herd of sheep grazing on the Frost Chapel lawn

            Eating a grilled cheese sandwich (the cheapest thing on the
            menu) and playing the jukebox at the Townhouse Restaurant on
            Broad Street

            Three places that were famously rumored to be trouble, but I
            never visited:   The Seven Hills Motel, The Red Diamond (or was it
            the Blue Diamond?) and Peggy's

            Hitchhiking from Berry to Rome

            Hitchhiking from Rome to Berry

            Country fried steak and mashed potatoes (Actually, I remember a
            lot of good food.)

            A Saturday afternoon movie at the First Avenue Theater
            Swofford Has Two More Freshmen Victims
            Waiting for the mail truck to arrive from the College, hoping for a letter, or better yet, a CARE package
            from 全民双色球19年最新版下载

            The Mountain Day Grand March -- Hoping to get paired up with a really cute college girl but getting
            stuck with a Phyllis Diller look-a-like

            The 5 o'clock hymns played by the Frost Chapel chimes

            Freshmen, on their first day at Berry, taken snipe hunting up on the mountain by some "friendly"
            upperclassmen. (Thank God I didn't get roped into that scam on my first day!)

            Getting a "cherry belly" (sometimes referred to as a red belly) for touching a Varsity paddle. After I
            became a Varsity Club member, I also administered a few cherry bellies.

            Mark Sessions saving my life on a Sunday night in Rome (I was AWOL and he rescued me.)

            Jimmy Kendrick ringing that confounded breakfast bell for what seemed like an eternity...on any
            Saturday morning

            Little Anthony and the Imperials in Ford Gym

            Guys going to the hog farm to ride the hogs on Sunday afternoons

            And speaking of riding, did you ever ride the water wheel at the Old Mill? I know a lot of guys did.

            Saturday morning room inspection (and you better have that bed made up right!!!)

            Hiking up Lavendar Mountain and snooping around at the House o' Dreams

            The two greatest roommates a guy could have - DeWayne Lynn and Bill Davis

            Sneaking down the hall during study hours

            Getting caught sneaking down the hall during study hours

            A great cross country全民双色球19年最新版下载 team and a proud cross country全民双色球19年最新版下载 tradition

            Do you remember all of the nicknames?        Tiny, Chunky, JB, Iguana, Bubbles, Farmer, Muskrat,
            Fan Man, Buttons, Casper, Grasshopper, Pooley, Odd Job, Joe College, TAG, Cool Dab, Kissee,
            Cotton Top, Lucas, T.T., Gator, Sugar Bear, Gay Ray and the list goes on and on.......To see a more
            comprehensive list of nicknames,
            click here

            The lucky guys of the Class of '69 who went to Berry all four years - Deebo Grace, Jimmy Kendrick,
            Barry Croft (I only got to go there for three years.)

            A George Wallace bumper sticker on Mr. Williams' Mercedes

            Timmy and Tommy (the Hyers' twins) -- They seemed to have a language that was only known by them

            Some terrific guys in the Class of '68 who treated me well - Larry Fish, John Bush, David O. Wood,
            Tom Thompson, Bill Marquardt, Tom Dabney, Harold Reeves and many others

            Saturday night in front of Sterchis waiting on the Berry bus

            The Liberty Hat Works

            All of those guys that got shipped